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TW SERVICES, INC. operates a facility , which recycles electrical equipment less than 499 PPM PCB and PCB/Asbestos containing wire and cable.

Our company serves local electrical companies, Fortune 500 companies and the Department of Defense.

Described below are the waste streams that TW Services, Inc.  receives and the recovery process and materials.
Electrical equipment less than 50 PPM PCB (test results) received at the TW Services, Inc.  Facility is traced by serial number.  Units are drained of residual MODEF with the oil pumped into a storage tank for disposal at an approved facility.

The units are then disassembled and recycled for their ferrous and non-ferrous metals.
Besides the processing of electrical equipment TW Services, Inc. has an approval to process for the disposal of PCB cable.  This cable is transported in bulk to the facility and stored in the facility until ready for processing.  This bulk container is put into the wire processing room and processed in a wire-chopping machine.  The outer coating, which will be shipped to an approved landfill, is separated from the copper.  The copper will be shipped to a smelter.
When PCB Contaminated Electrical Equipment is transported and received at the TW Services, Inc. facility, they are logged into the PCB Tracking System which follows the tracking of wipe samples on metals (Copper and Steel) and the destruction of the PCB contaminated oil.

Each transformer is drained of residual MODEF with the MODEF pumped into a storage tank, which will then be transported for disposal at an EPA permitted facility.  The unit is then disassembled with all metals put through a decontamination process.  The core itself (Copper/Paper windings) is processed in TW Services, Inc.  EPA approved wire/cable process and the paper and copper is separated.

Copper samples are taken, along with wipe samples from the metals tested for residual PCB's.  All metals are decontaminated to levels set by the U.S.EPA in regulation for metals that are to be shipped to a smelter. (Copper has been less than 2 PPM PCB and wipe samples have been less than 10 ug/100 sq. cm..)

Materials that cannot be recycled are disposed of at an EPA permitted facility.

After disposal of PCB Waste materials, processing of metals and verified lab results, then a certificate of Disposal is issued to the generator.
We are licensed and insured to pick up, haul and dispose of your over 500 PPM electrical equipment.  Please call for more information.
Materials that are received at the facility are tested by the generator before being shipped to TW Services, Inc.  After receiving it at the facility, serial numbers are cross-matched to the PPM of the units.  However, units can be shipped untested and samples will be sent to a third party for testing.  Once test results are obtained a copy is sent to the Generator for their records.  The units are then disposed of accordingly.  In most cases, test results are obtained within the same day.
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